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From ideating to execution, Painturhomes provides the best house painting services in Faridabad. Having a team of best home painters in Faridabad, we make a happy place for you with the right choice of colours for your space.

With an array of services, we provide comprehensive solutions for interior wall coatings, exterior wall coatings, exterior textures, metal finishes, wood finishes, glass finishes, waterproofing solutions and POP work.

Interior Wall Coating

Painting interior walls is an effortless task to enhance your place. The type of paint you choose holds as much importance as the colour which can have a major effect on the character of your room and the vibe you want to achieve. Come to Painturhomes and get the best interior wall coatings in Faridabad.

Exterior Wall Coating

Exterior wall coatings have two main functions primarily. Firstly, they provide an alluring finish to the exterior of an infrastructure. Secondly, they provide low maintenance and long-life durability. Therefore, exterior wall coatings tend to use high quality elements which are often expensive.